Ruth George’s Campaign against School Cuts in the High Peak

High Peak’s Labour candidate Ruth George is campaigning against the planned £3 Million cuts to high Peak’s schools.

“I have 2 sons in primary school and my daughter is training as a teacher in the High Peak, so I know just how stretched our schools are already, with class sizes rising and teachers already being lost.”

Headteachers have warned that the Conservatives’ planned cuts of £3 billion a year by 2019 will take schools to ‘breaking point’.

Ruth George will fight for all schools to be funded fairly:

A Labour Government will stop the cuts to school budgets with a real terms increase funding and introduce a fair funding formula that ensures no schools in the High Peak would lose out. We will:

  1. Stop the £2.5 Billion of school funds the government plans to give to private companies to set up ‘Free Schools’  – even when a new school is not needed.
  2. Halt the £360 Million Theresa May is giving to bring back Grammar Schools
  3. Bring Academy Schools back under democratic control and require all teachers to be properly qualified
  4. Keep class sizes down
  5. Give a free school meal to every primary school pupil