Statement from Ruth George MP – Labour party resignations

Following the resignation of seven Labour MPs yesterday, High Peak MP Ruth George said:

“I went into politics to help people. Every day I hear from local people – in pain waiting months for an operation, parents of children needing support at school, people on Universal Credit facing eviction, or people worried about their local library.

“They need our economy to be rebalanced to support working people, support for our public services, investment in our infrastructure and a commitment to end poverty.

“Those are Labour’s policies. They are the reason I joined the Labour Party at age 18 and the reason I’m staying a member.

“I’m not always happy with every decision of my party’s leader – no one in any party could say they were – but now more than ever we need to work with everyone who believes in a fairer economy and a more just society to achieve a government that supports the people who need us.”

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