Shire Hill Hospital decision

Speaking about the decision to close Shire Hill Hospital, Glossop, Ruth George MP said: “I am much saddened by the decision to close Shire Hill Hospital in spite of overwhelming support from Glossopdale for our hospital, and a sound alternative proposal put forward which I was supporting.

“We have seen a huge winter bed crisis across all Greater Manchester’s hospitals, with Tameside Hospital full and a waiting list for Shire Hill, which is preventing urgent care beds from being vacated. Now is not the time to be closing specialist rehabilitation centres like Shire Hill, which are needed more than ever.

“I believe that there are serious problems with the decision that has been taken – the Board have not suggested where the 8 beds they propose for Glossopdale will be based, nor how they will reach the required standard for patients who have been transferred from acute care but I will work with the Board on this. I will also be monitoring the standard of home care very carefully – the Board have admitted it is not up to standard, and with an acute staffing shortage it is hard to see how this will be achieved in the near future, but I will hold the Board to their commitment not to shut Shire Hill until that standard is reached.

“I am pleased that George Street clinic will finally be used properly, but I will also fight to see the Shire Hill site developed for health care for the people of Glossopdale as we are only going to see the demand for healthcare increasing.

“I pay tribute to the hard work and campaigning of the staff of Shire Hill and local residents who submitted over 1,000 consultation responses and 5,000 signatures on a petition to show how much we value Shire Hill. It was an amazing effort that shows true community spirit and care for the frail people who need Shire Hill. That spirit will stand us in good stead as we continue to campaign for better healthcare in Glossopdale.”

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