Ruth George MP – statement on Derbyshire County Council early help cuts

“These cuts will mean thousands of families and children at risk will miss out on the support they desperately need.  Much of the burden will fall on schools who had not been consulted when I wrote to inform them of the proposals.  Many of our local schools responded to the consultation and the weight of their responses has meant the Council has had to put in some mitigation to the original proposal of nearer 300 jobs to be cut.

“However, schools are still being asked to do far more in a different role than their main function of teaching children.  It will be especially difficult for smaller schools and those with high levels of children at risk to organise the support needed.  It will be a huge additional burden for schools, and in the end families and vulnerable children will lose out.  If just a handful of those children need to be taken into care because of the lack of support, it will end up costing the Council more.  We are already seeing the numbers of children in care and on Child Protection Orders rising sharply so this is a false economy and one that could have tragic consequences for struggling families.

“I’ve written to schools to ask them to keep me informed how the new system is working and I will continue to take up problems with Derbyshire Council.”

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