Ruth George MP presses the case for Glossop Post Office

High Peak MP Ruth George has met Post Office bosses to press the case for retaining Glossop Post Office.

The franchise for Glossop’s Post Office has been up for sale since the Co-op sold the building to B&M and there has been some worry about its future. Now Ruth has met with the Post Office to seek assurances about its commitment to Glossop and to ask about the future.

Ruth said: “Glossop’s Post Office is extremely important to the town, and its location by the station means it always has a steady stream of customers.  The staff are ever so friendly, and it’s always a pleasure to visit.

“The Post Office has given me its commitment to the store, which is classed as a Main Post Office and receives the most profitable type of franchise.  The expected fees advertised on the Post Office site for Glossop are over £100,000 so I hope there will be plenty of interest.

“The site works well in B&M and I’m hoping that both B&M and the Co-op will be amenable to the Post Office staying where it is.  It helps to attract more customers up to the store, so I hope they see it as a bonus.

“I’ve written to both the Co-op and B&M to ask if they will help to facilitate this.

“Glossop’s retail is doing comparatively well, with few vacant stores, so if the Post Office can’t stay where it is, it could be difficult to find a new location.

“With several stores closing in Buxton, I’m glad to see Glossop town centre doing well, and I hope we can keep the Post Office to help the people who need it, and to bring customers to the town centre.”

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