Ruth George MP praises emergency services after 14.5 hour Ambulance shift

Ruth with Buxton based paramedics Bruce and Jamie at Buxton Ambulance Station.

High Peak MP Ruth George has praised all the area’s blue light services after spending a hectic 14.5 hours shift with a Buxton ambulance crew.

Speaking at the end of her shift Ruth said: “Wow, just finished a very hectic 14.5 hour shift with amazing paramedics – Bruce and Jamie – at Buxton Ambulance Station.

“I saw all of our emergency services at work today with call-outs in Chapel, a house fire on Fairfield Road in Buxton and finally a climber who’d fallen from a cliff in Stoney Middleton, which involved the Edale Mountain Rescue team too.”

Ruth had requested to spend the day with paramedics to see how the £20 million additional funding for East Midlands Ambulances, which she had made the case for in Parliament, was impacting on staff and services in High Peak.

“This was a very different shift to the one I did last year, when our Buxton crew spent all our time around Chesterfield due to shortages there.  I know this will still happen sometimes, but I’m pleased our crews have more time in High Peak now.

“I know response times have improved and far fewer constituents have come to me about ambulance delays over the last few months.  That’s very good to see, as there were several tragic cases in my first year as an MP, which is why I was so determined to see action.

“I spent my day with our ambulance service asking what still needs to improve.  I’ve taken up with management that the computer hardware does not function well and often slows them down, and that the equipment is very heavy and not designed for carrying.

“I was also told they see too many call-outs to non-urgent patients who’ve called 111, even when an ambulance hasn’t been requested.  I’ve taken this up before and was promised action, so I’ll renew my call for our emergency services to be able to review call-outs from 111.

“I arrived for my shift at 8am and finished at 10.30pm, as do so many ambulance staff.  After almost a decade of a pay freeze, all of our emergency services staff deserve much better pay.”

Ruth has also done shifts with the police in both Buxton and Glossop.

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