Ruth George MP: happy to engage in debates

Ruth George MP said:

“I’ve always been happy to publicly defend my record as an MP and will take part in hustings around the constituency, as I committed to at the last election.  As a newcomer to High Peak since his selection as a candidate, Mr Largan is clearly unaware of this.

“All parties should be invited to these hustings so that constituents have an opportunity to hear from and question all candidates.

“Unlike our former MP Andrew Bingham, I was pleased to accept all invitations to hustings in 2017 and did my own public Q&A in Glossop when no hustings were organised there.

“Since selecting former London councillor, Mr Largan as their candidate, the Conservatives have constantly tried to misrepresent my words and actions as they have no answer to my hard work and commitment to the people of High Peak, demonstrated both as their MP and over decades of living here, volunteering and campaigning.

 “I therefore welcome hustings meetings as a further opportunity to put the record straight and let the people of High Peak decide between an MP who has proved she works as hard as she can in their interests, or the smear tactics of the Conservatives.”

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