Ruth George MP calls for urgent re-think over district nurse service cut from Chapel Health Centre

High Peak MP Ruth George has written to local health bosses asking why a vital district nurse service has been moved from Chapel health centre without warning

Ruth said: “Late on Friday I was informed that a vital treatment service by District Nurses for wound and leg care at Chapel Health Centre was removed from this week, apparently without any consultation with local GPs and patients.

Patients have been told to visit New Mills Health Centre or the Cavendish in Buxton

Now she has written to both Chris Clayton, Chief Executive of North Derbyshire CCG, and Will Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Derbyshire Community Health Trust, asking for the service to continue at Chapel.

Ruth has also asked for information about whether patient transport services will be able to take patients to the new venues, if they fulfil the criteria, as well as what those criteria will be. So far, Ruth has not been told what those criteria are.

She has also asked that if patients struggle to get to New Mills, whether they can continue to be treated at New Mills.

In her letter Ruth said: “Until proper consultation and a full assessment of practical alternatives has taken place, the wound and leg care service needs to continue at Chapel Health Centre for those who find it too difficult to access New Mills or Buxton.

“Many patients require treatment daily or several times a week to control infection and to give wounds the best chance of healing.  If they cannot access treatment as regularly as they need it, they become prone to infection or the site deteriorating, making hospital admission more likely and increasing issues of infection control in hospital.

“While there are buses from Chapel to New Mills and Buxton, these are sporadic, they require a change of bus to get to the health centre in each case, and these services are not synchronised.  It can take two hours each way to make such a journey for a particular time of appointment, with considerable waiting around at bus stops.

“This is completely unfeasible for patients with wound or complex leg problems, many of whom have reduced immunity and who are frail, in pain and vulnerable to infection.”


You can read Ruth’s letter here:

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