Ruth George MP call to keep Buxton’s Police Cells

High Peak MP Ruth George is pressing for custody cells at Buxton to be retained.

Ruth said: “Local police have contacted me with their concerns about the possibility of the custody cells at Buxton Police Station being closed.

“Recent regulations to ensure the safety of often vulnerable offenders mean that it’s very expensive to fit out custody cells, which need two staff 24/7, even if no cells are in use.

“The huge cuts to Derbyshire police of over a quarter of their funding since 2010 mean that difficult decisions have to be made.  But the alternatives in High Peak of taking offenders to either Chesterfield or Manchester are just too far.

“For arrests in Glossop, Manchester’s police cells are already very busy as some of their custody suites have closed.

“I don’t want to see our officers who are in charge of difficult, sometimes dangerous or vulnerable offenders, having to wait for a cell or travel around Greater Manchester to find one on a busy Saturday night.

“It would mean two police officers having to transport each person arrested for at least an hour each way, taking them away from High Peak, and making arrests much more time consuming.

“Having custody cells in High Peak means our police can deal with most offenders quickly, using their local knowledge.  Many of the people arrested in High Peak are repeat offenders so officers get to know them and their networks and can help to keep crime low.

“In spite of cuts to their numbers, our excellent local police help us to keep High Peak as one of the safest places in the country and I want to support them with that.

“But we are seeing more criminals coming across our borders so I want to see more police in High Peak helping to make more arrests so our custody cells are more effective.

“That’s why I’ve asked our Police & Crime Commissioner to look at how we can keep police cells in High Peak and I’ve asked local people to join the campaign with a petition on my website.

“Please sign the petition to support our officers and help keep High Peak safe.”

You can sign the petition here.