Ruth George calls for action on nuisance bikers

High Peak MP Ruth George has written to Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner calling for action against nuisance motorcyclists.

Ruth wrote to Hardyal Dhindsa after she and local Labour councillors were contacted by constituents from across High Peak, from Buxton to Hadfield, about the anti-social use of motorcycles.

Ruth said: “Hadfield in particular has seen a single rider very late at night and in the early hours riding up and down residential streets, doing wheelies and making a lot of noise and disturbance.

“Residents and their children have been woken and then find they’re unable to sleep due to the loud noise.

“Other areas have seen speeding and damage to cars, with the motorcyclist failing to stop.

“Whilst we have always been plagued in High Peak by loud motorbikes over the longer days, it seems to have become a more severe problem this summer, with nuisance riders showing less concern about the impact of their behaviour on residents.”

Ruth has asked Derbyshire Police and High Peak Borough Council to work together to take action to tackle anti-social behaviour by motorcyclists and to promote responsible riding.

“The last Labour Government gave the Police considerable powers to tackle nuisance motorcyclists, including the power to seize vehicles used in an anti-social manner, and prosecuting persistent offenders.

“It’s very difficult for the police to tackle motorcyclists who fail to stop without causing a danger to other road users if they speed off, so it’s important that residents who are affected can pass on as much information as possible, including number plates if they have them, any CCTV footage or knowledge of the rider’s possible identity to help police tackle offenders.

“By making sure offended know they’ll have serious consequences of their actions and communities working together to pool the information to help our police, I hope we can see an end to this sort of anti-social behaviour that causes misery to so many people.

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