High Peak MP tells government: austerity is not working for High Peak

In a hard hitting speech during the Budget debate High Peak MP Ruth George told the Government its policies are not working for the people of High Peak.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Ruth said: “After seven years of Conservative-led Government and seven years of austerity, my constituents in rural Derbyshire will tell this House that austerity is not working.

“Both our hospitals are facing closure. Three nurseries have already closed, and more are saying that they cannot continue. Schools are being squeezed by 5% cuts and are having to lose teachers. We have lost more than 400 police officers in Derbyshire. There are not enough officers to respond to serious incidents; there are not even enough to police Buxton carnival. And our firefighters have been reduced to a retained service.

“Austerity is hitting us hard—it is hitting every community hard—but it is not working.

“The Conservatives are borrowing up to the hilt- they have almost doubled the national debt, and what have we got to show for it? We have public services that are on their knees. We have public servants who cannot afford a house. We have millions of people on benefits visiting food banks. That is an absolute disgrace.”

She said the Labour party believed that the government should borrow to invest in the economy, in public services, in workers, in jobs and in communities. This would help economy to grow, people would spend more, businesses would thrive, and communities would prosper.

“Instead, all that this Budget has offered us is more of the same—more of the same cuts ​and more of the same poverty—and we ain’t seen nothing yet. The little Red Book has shown that we are just at the start of those cuts. We have another four years of freezes to benefits and school budgets, and cuts to our police, to our hospitals and to the NHS. That is what is happening. This Budget was a chance for the Government to come up with big new ideas, but they did not. This Government need to make way for one that can.”

Watch Ruth using the Budget Debate in Parliament to clearly state that Austerity is not working. You can watch the debate by using the following link: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/fbe3dc41-4e01-4d60-8f00-61d341dfcaf3?in=18:41:34&out=18:44:15



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