High Peak MP Ruth George condemns NHS funding cuts as short sighted

High Peak MP Ruth George has condemned NHS cuts to local voluntary groups which directly help reduce hospital admissions.

“I am appalled that North Derbyshire CCG has completely cut its funding for Voluntary & Community Services Peaks & Dales (VCSPD), High Peak CVS and other local charities.

“These services are crucially important for many older and vulnerable people in High Peak who rely on volunteer services to help get them to hospital appointments, or to provide support and friendship when no-one else can.

“They fly in the face of the principles of ‘Better Care, Closer to Home’, of a preventative healthcare strategy to improve quality of life and reduce NHS costs, and a recognition of the value of the voluntary sector in helping achieve this.

“As with the proposed cuts to Parkinson’s nurses, these cuts seem to be a short-sighted solution to an immediate funding crisis.  The loss of preventative support services will create increased demand on NHS and social care services and cost more in the long term.

“By threatening the valuable resource of Volunteer Networks, it also threatens the huge amount of goodwill that is given by volunteers and means that it will be much harder to rebuild this resource, which is so effective at helping patients.

“These cuts will surely end up costing the NHS more and will also affect the quality of life and valuable relationships volunteers have built up with patients who are mostly elderly, and often vulnerable and isolated.

“I urge the Commissioning Body to look again at the huge impact of these cuts, both on patients and on the volunteer network.”

Ruth has written to the Chair of North Derbyshire CCG, Dr Ben Milton requesting an urgent meeting with the CCG to discuss the proposals and the underlying funding crisis and requirements of NHS England due to Special Measures.

“With additional funding promised to the NHS by 2020, I would hope that both the Department of Health and CCGs will be keen to ensure that services with long-term benefits are able to continue running until that time.

“I would be pleased to work with the CCG and NHS England and to make representations to ministers to try to ensure that North Derbyshire can continue valuable services such as this.”


you can read Ruth’s letter here: https://ruthforhighpeak.co.uk/campaigns/letter-to-chair-north-derbyshire-ccg-cuts-to-local-services/

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