High Peak MP Ruth George calls for action over Chapel roadworks as businesses suffer

High Peak MP Ruth George has called on Derbyshire County Council to take urgent action to lessen the impact of roadworks on Sheffield Road in Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Ruth said, “I visited local businesses to discuss the concerns they’d raised with me about the Sheffield Road closure in Chapel. 

“The roadworks are due to go on for six months, but local shops are already suffering a loss of trade as the diversion from the A6 bypass is so long – extending over a mile up to and around Barmoor Clough roundabout.

“Residents are also very worried – my post on Facebook to ask for views attracted around 200 comments, with lots of concerns and suggestions.

“There were originally very few signs and three accidents were caused by vehicles turning right into Chapel, straight from the fast lane of the dual carriageway.  I’m pleased the council has now extended a barrier to deter drivers from doing this, but more signs are still required.

“Having met the site manager, I’m pleased that proper signage has now been ordered, and that a barrier along the centre of the bypass will be used to prevent dangerous right turns if drivers persist.

“Residents and businesses also asked for the Hayfield Road one-way system to be looked at and I’ve asked the County Council’s Highways team to consider:

  • The tight left turn onto Hayfield Road next to Fosters store, where large vehicles, including buses, have to mount the pavement to complete the turn.
  • The possibility of using the next junction, past the Old Pack Horse pub, which has more room for large vehicles.
  • Whether it may be helpful to temporarily re-open Hayfield Road in both directions whilst Sheffield Road is shut, with traffic lights to manage the flow of traffic.

“I’m pleased that the project team are meeting to discuss these suggestions, and I hope that they will make sure the diversion works as best as it can for Chapel’s residents and visitors.

“The Project Manager has assured me that if work goes well they will be able to lift the closure of Sheffield Road and move to one-way opening with traffic lights which will hopefully be quicker than the diversion.

“In the meantime, I’m calling on local people to support their small businesses and High Street.  Out traders work very hard to keep their stores going, and they benefit us all when we need them, so do pop along and help them to keep going over these difficult few months.

“While I and local people understand the importance of the road works to mend the culvert, the immediate impact on businesses, residents as well as local roads must also be considered.”

“I want to thank you everyone who posted views and suggestions about the diversion for the roadworks closing Sheffield Road in Chapel.

“The culvert bends for 75m, up to 3m underneath Sheffield Road and there are electric, water, gas and sewer pipes to move as well as diverting the stream while the work is done so it is a huge job. The new culvert is in 45 specially shaped sections so it’s likely to take six months to complete, but the manager says if it goes well they will be able to move to a single lane with traffic lights.

“In the meantime – please support local traders if you can, to help keep them going whilst the works are on (and afterwards!) Lovely clothes at Itsy Bitsy, lunch at Fosters, and I can vouch for baking and gardening at Halls Mica.”

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