Glossopdale MP Ruth George takes up parents’ concern over school places

Glossopdale MP Ruth George has written to Derbyshire County Council asking why so many local students have been refused a place at the new Glossopdale School.

Ruth said: “Lots of parents in Glossop have contacted me, very upset that their child has not been allocated a place at Glossopdale School, in spite of their being in the catchment area.

“Some have been allocated to St Phillip Howard when it was a lower choice of school for them, or not on their list as they do not wish to attend a faith school. Others have been assigned to New Mills School, which involves considerable travelling.

“I’m pleased the newly built school is popular but it can be very unsettling for children facing a long journey to a school they didn’t choose, or being separated from friends.

“Glossopdale School was designed with space for an additional 240 places.  Given the clear demand for places at the school, I’ve asked the County Council look at expanding the number of places as soon as possible, preferably so that the children refused a place on the basis of current capacity can be accommodated.

“I know how worrying the move to secondary school can be for children.  Even more so if they’re being sent to a school they didn’t choose or they have the uncertainty of a lengthy appeal.  That’s why I’ve asked the Council to look at this urgently and I hope they’ll act quickly for all the children and families who are affected.”

In her letter to Derbyshire’s Head of Children’s Services, Ruth also asks:

  1. How many children in Glossopdale’s catchment area who placed it as their first choice failed to obtain a place there?
  2. Of those who did not obtain a place, how many have been allocated a place at Phillip Howard School and at New Mills Secondary School?
  3. How many children who did not place either Phillip Howard or New Mills School on their preferences have been allocated a place there?
  4. How many children in the Glossopdale area will be due to move up to Year 7 this September and in each of the next 3 years?

Read my letter to Jane Parfement here:


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