Ruth George MP calls on M&S to urgently reconsider closure plans

High Peak MP Ruth George has written to Marks and Spencer asking the firm to urgently reconsider plans to closure its Buxton store. 

In a letter to the company, Ruth said she was shocked by the announcement, especially in light of current developments in the town. 

“I have today written to Marks and Spencer asking it urgently reconsider its decision to close the Buxton store. 

“The M&S store is an important anchor on Buxton’s high street, not least because we live in a rural area.  

“I know many people, especially older residents (who do not always have access to the internet) rely on the store for clothes shopping; as do young families; especially now that M&S has closed its stores in Stockport and Denton.  

“Buxton has seen significant investment both from the private and public sector in recent years, not least the £50m redevelopment and restoration of The Crescent, which is expected to open later this year, and could provide an estimated £4.5m boost to the town’s economy. 

“Alongside this is there is the development of the Pump Room as a new indoor attraction for residents and visitors, which should further help to increase footfall for all shops in the town. 

“Further, I understand that the local council is putting together a bid for the new Future High Street Fund to ensure that the town is well placed to make the most of the opening of The Crescent, so that local businesses benefit from its opening.” 

You can read my letter here: M&S re Buxton store closure plans

You can sign the petition against the closure plans here:

or here: You do not have permission to view this form.

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