New Year Resolutions

I can’t hope to fit in all my campaigns across High Peak but here are some priorities.  Let me know any other issues you’d like me to take up!

  1. Hospitals: Shire Hill, Glossop  – I’m meeting with health chiefs through January, working with Sir John Oldham to press the case for Shire Hill before the decision on the 30th
    Cavendish, Buxton: getting answers to my questions about dementia care, following news of the early closure of Spencer Ward.
  2. Trains – with rail fares rising, but no improvements to services yet, I’m pushing for improvements and riding the rush hour with a Northern Rail executive to make the case- with the help of local commuters.  Do let me know your experience at
  3. Roads – making sure that the Mottram bypass plans keep to the timetable, and pressing for the Tintwistle bypass to be scheduled as soon as possible. With the hope of major improvements in Glossop, we need to focus on Buxton and also many more minor traffic issues across High Peak that still cause major problems.
  4. Glossop Fire Station – continue to press the case that Glossop needs full-time firefighters to cover our huge area, and not be downgraded to retained staff who are on-call.
  5. Housing – lots of houses are planned, but they must be in the right places (not special areas like Serpentine Farm).  As many as possible should be affordable – ending rip-off leasehold houses – and I’m supporting the Bill to make rented homes meet standards so they are fit for human habitation.
  6. Schools and Nurseries – school funding cuts are starting to bite and nurseries across High Peak are feeling the pinch from the underfunding for 3 and 4 year olds.  I’m continuing to fight on this in Parliament.
  7. Disability Benefits and Universal Credit – I’m fighting to end the punitive system of disability benefits for one that really supports people.  Having got Universal Credit delayed until September for High Peak is good, but it needs fixing as it’s not enough to live off and we mustn’t impoverish over 5,000 families in High Peak alone.
  8. Brexit – I’m pressing for a decent transition and a good deal that supports our local firms’ supply chains and exports, maximises jobs and supports our farmers, as well as protecting our decent standards of employment, environment, animal welfare and consumer protection. 
  9. Fighting all the cuts – cuts of 20% to police budgets and over a third of Councils’ funding are biting into support for social care, roads, street lights, town centres, the list goes on.  Decent services need properly funding.
  10. And when I’ve got time – I need to exercise more, sleep more and eat less!  Aiming to join you for Park Run when I’ve done a bit of this!

Happy New Year!

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