Campaign to save the b_line

Derbyshire County Council has revealed they are planning to scrap b_line bus discount cards for 11-19 year olds in their latest 5-year financial forecast.

Ruth George MP has pledged to fight for the discounts for young people across Derbyshire and has launched a petition on Derbyshire County Council’s website, which you can sign here.

Ruth said: “I’m appalled that Derbyshire’s Conservatives are proposing to scrap b_line cards. Many young people in High Peak have to travel a long way, especially for secondary school or college, and it’s very expensive already. Some families are having to pay £30 a week for travel to college and it can be very difficult for families to find. “We all know this is down to the continuing huge cuts to our councils from central government, but Derbyshire save hundreds of thousands of pounds by having reduced Further Education within High Peak so that many of our young people travel to Greater Manchester or Sheffield to find the courses they want.

To take away their discount just adds insult to the fact they have to travel so far and discriminates against families who are struggling already. “Young people need to use public transport and it’s a good habit for them to get into. The fewer people use our buses, the more routes will be at risk so it’s completely counter productive. Our youngsters see their friends in Greater Manchester with free travel on all public transport thanks to Mayor Andy Burnham’s Our Pass scheme. Labour are committed to free bus travel for all under 25s to help them to access the best education, training and work opportunities and I’ll be fighting this proposal to help all our young people.”

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