Ruth George MP visits Casey Group Arden Quarry landfill site

Alongside site staff and managers, Ruth George MP was joined by Directors from the Casey Group, and inspection staff from the Environment Agency, for a visit to Arden Quarry on Wednesday 11 April.

The party spent two hours on a walking tour of the site to observe operations including deliveries and compacting, leachate control, lining and capping, gas extraction and heat exchange. Photos were taken around the site covering all aspects of operations including the weighbridge, compacting, lining and capping, shafts, piping, leachate tanks and the gas engine.


All waste received at the site is pre-booked with the contents of each delivery fully listed. Lorries are turned away if the paperwork does not match the load. Lorries enter the site via a weighbridge which is always staffed whilst the facility is open.


The waste is mainly from domestic refuse and is non-hazardous. It mainly arrives from Derbyshire County Council transfer sites at Glossop and Waterswallows Lane so has its origin locally.


On delivery, the waste is emptied in to lined cells and compacted down before covering.


Leachate is drawn off and pre-treated before entering the sewage system; there is no leaching into watercourse, the water-table or drains.


Landfill gas is piped into an on-site engine and used to generate power.


Whilst fully acknowledging the need to respond to complaints and to minimise odour from operations, some of the nasty smells experienced in New Mills and Hayfield turn out to be from other sources such as coal fires and silage. For instance, for a period since March this year, a nearby farm has had permission to spread sewage waste on fields starting in and this is bound to release an unpleasant odour when it is taking place.


The Casey Group welcomes visitors at open days and will accommodate groups at other times by arrangement either via the Liaison Group or direct with the Site Manager. The Environment Agency makes unannounced visits each month.

The company has plans to engineer gentler gradients for both operations and roads on site as well as to improve appearance with landscaping.

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