Derbyshire County Council library cuts a bitter blow for communities, says Ruth George MP

Speaking ahead of Thursday’s Derbyshire County Council Cabinet meeting, High Peak MP Ruth George said:   “Plans by the Conservatives on Derbyshire County Council to forge ahead with their plans to cut all libraries’ opening hours and hand over 20 libraries – including Gamesley, Hayfield, Hadfield and Whaley Bridge in High Peak –  to ‘community management’ without any proposal for what that will look like is a bitter blow to the people who rely on our libraries. Cutting their grant to zero over 5 years will leave any community groups who do put in the huge effort required with no resources and just isn’t fair on volunteers.

“Our libraries are the only places that many people without internet access can claim Universal Credit, and the trained staff are doing a fantastic job supporting people with the difficult online forms. This is no way to thank staff, especially at Christmas time and when the Conservatives promised only last year that they would protect our libraries.”

Ruth George MP with campaigners outside Whaley Bridge library.
Ruth George MP with local councillors Anthony McKeown and Becki Woods outside Gamesely library.
Ruth George MP with local councillors Anthony McKeown, Ed Kelly, Becki Woods and Graham Oakley outside Hadfield library.
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